Appraisals, Valuations

and Collection Management Services

What's it worth?

Curated's Melinda Richter is an accredited personal property appraiser, is a member in good standing with the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group, and is USPAP compliant. Curated specializes in fine art but can handle any personal property including antiques, vintage items, and collectibles.

Appraisals and valuations are available for insurance, donation, estate planning and management, sale, or just your own curiosity.

Sometimes you need more than just quick assessment. An appraisal report details how an appraiser came to a specific value. Reports can be used for:

  • Listing items on an insurance policy
  • Dealing with an insurance claim
  • Making a donation of an item to a museum, gallery, or fundraiser
  • Settling or planning an estate
  • Providing documentation for sale

Appraisals are by appointment only. Please contact us.


Need someone to take a quick look at your item(s)? Wondering if it's garage sale bound or a million dollar masterpiece? We'll tell you what the current market looks like for your items so you can decide what to do next.  You don't need to bring it into the office! Online valuations are available for 1-3 items. ‚ÄčIf you have more than 3 items, we are happy to quote you a fee to evaluate the collection. 

For very large collections, we offer walk-through valuations and full collection consultations. We will sort through your items onsite so you can decide what goes into a garage sale, what goes to a museum, what get donated, and what goes to auction. Contact us for more information or to book an appointment.