"Is this a painting or a print?" "Are my grandmother's dishes worth anything?"
"Should I sell this, donate it or give it to my children?"

​Sometimes you just need a bit of advice. If you have an item that you think might have some value and you're not sure where to start, we can help. An online valuation includes an assessment of your item(s) based on photographs that you provide, a quick look at the current market for your item(s) and some advice on what you might do with your item(s). 

Online valuations are $30 for 1 - 3 items. Payments are required in advance and can be made via Paypal or Square or e-transfer to curated.peterborough@gmail.com

If you would like us to take a look at your items in person, a consultation appointment for 1-3 items is $40. Please send us a message to make an appointment

If you would like someone to visit your home to look at your items, home visits start at $50. Please contact us to request a quote. 

Online Valuations

Submit your payment via PayPal

Please include at least one photo per item. We may request extra information or photos once we have received your form.

You may submit up to 6 photos using this form. If you would like to send more, please email them to curated.peterborough@gmail.com