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Online Valuation

Not sure what to keep, sell, trash or give away?

Getting organized can be stressful, even overwhelming. We offer a personal and empathetic experience which respects the story behind each item.

Curated’s Collection Consultation Service is perfect for downsizing, garage sale preparation, estate management, and peace of mind. Available services include:

  • In Home Inventory & Cataloguing
  • Assessment & Collection Consultation
  • Appraisals or Valuations
  • Disposition, including Auction Management
  • Decoration & Home Aesthetics

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Appraisals & Valuations


What's it worth?

Curated's Melinda Richter is an accredited personal property appraiser, is a member in good standing with the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group, and is USPAP compliant.

Appraisals and valuations are available for insurance, donation, estate, sale, or just your own curiosity!

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