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Online Valuations by Curated
Online Valuations by Curated

Get an online valuation of 1-3 items. Perfect if you're just curious about what you have and what it might be worth. 

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Appraisals by Curated
Curated Auctions

What do I do with my stuff?
A collection can be any number of things: artwork lovingly curated over a lifetime or your great aunt's salt and pepper shakers you just inherited. Whatever your collection, it can be difficult to know what to do with it all.

Sell your things through an online auction or shop for treasures if you're still building a collection!

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Curated offers a wide range of services to help you carefully manage your things:

  • Identification, research, valuations
  • Appraisals for insurance, donation, estate, or reference
  • Sales of items through auctions or private sales
  • Downsizing, estate sales, garage sale preparation
  • Collection planning and management