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Getting organized can be stressful and overwhelming.

We offer a personalized, empathetic experience that respects the story behind each item.

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"Is this worth anything? I'm not sure whether to sell it or throw it away."

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We help our clients sell select pieces. Visit our Etsy shop to browse our selection. All items can be picked up in Peterborough.


What do I do with my stuff?

A collection can be any number of things. Sometimes it's artwork, lovingly curated over a lifetime. Sometimes it's your great aunt's salt and pepper shakers you just inherited. Whatever your collection, it can be difficult to know what to do with it all.

Curated offers a wide range of services to help you carefully manage your things:

​​"My insurance company asked me to get an appraisal on the paintings in my home."

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​​"I've collected all this stuff and now it's time to say goodbye to some of it."

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